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Neary is a technology platform for integrating geographic data into a wide range of business processes. Desired products or services can be found more quickly, information and offers can be displayed on the basis of location data, and business processes can be improved.
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Megatrend: Indoor Navigation

The growing need for location-based services, better data, and new marketing opportunities are strong drivers for the indoor navigation field across numerous industries. Technological advancements in areas of IoT and artificial intelligence hold great potential for blanket market penetration of indoor navigation applications.

Improved customer experience

Indoor navigation apps help customers find their way around a building or structure more easily, improving the overall shopping or visiting experience. This is especially important for large buildings like shopping malls and airports, where it's easy to get lost.

Indoor intelligence

The growing trend of indoor intelligence is also driving the popularity of indoor navigation apps. With data generated by IoT devices and technologies, companies can gain valuable insights and improve their decision-making.


With indoor navigation apps, businesses are now able to personalize the customer experience by providing location-based offers, promotions and advertising, creating a more engaging and relevant experience.

Industry specific applications

Indoor navigation apps are increasingly being used in specific industries such as healthcare, logistics, retail, and entertainment, and offer specific features and benefits for each.

Interactive maps

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Retail as an example

It is no longer possible to imagine a car without navigation systems. But in the ever-growing supermarkets, DIY stores, shopping malls, etc., customers often search for desired products.

But don't worry, Neary is here now! Using the search function, all the items you are looking for can be located quickly and easily, so that no sales are lost here. And all this without installation, without registration, without fuss. This saves both the customer and the market operator a lot of time.

If you are a market operator, treat yourself and your customers to the comfort of your market and increase your sales at the same time!

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In order to realize indoor navigation, different technologies can be used, for example Bluetooth beacons, WLAN, ultrasound, modulated light, smartphone sensors etc. Read about the differences between the various methods and their advantages and disadvantages here:

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